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Hello World, This is Sykam Raju. I am a coder, educator and an Astrologer. I love making web applications, data and analytics. I am passionate about technologies and love coding and managing teams. In my spare time I like to teach Programming, Databases, PHP, Python, Machine Learning etc. I am currently working on certain machine learning and Data Science projects and love to explore more in the Statistics field.

I am a certified Astrologer and doing research since 2004. In my free time, I make some web applications related to astrology. You can check them here at freeAstrologyAPI.com and  Jyotish.Software 

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Aprart from this technical blog and personal domani, I write other blogs and offer education services to technology aspirants.

Are you an Astrologer or Programmer interested in building Astrology content based Applications or Websites or Apps. No need to worry about calculations involved in Astrology. Here is my API which is 100% free and covers almost every calculation in both Vedic Indian Astrology and Western Astrology

Ever felt to have complete Astrology portal on web, which helps professional astrologers.

I love to share my knowledge on Astrology in English and Telugu on another domain. If you are interested to know the core of Astrology and be safe from the misconceptions around astrology, I recommend you to check my other blogs.

Do you love to learn new technologies ? I help you to learn easily with seamless